Tax Consultancy for Agricultural Businesses

We have a tradition of offering successful consultations in the areas of fiscal and economic sectors for agriculturers. The strong connections we form with our clients, often throughout generations, help us cultivate comprehensive strategies and knowledge of agricultural consultancy. The Dr. Gemmeke GmbH is an active and distinguished tax consultancy with discerning clients in the areas of agriculture as well as forestry and industry. Our roughly 90 employees are spread out over five locations nationally and are knowledgeable not only regarding taxes and the industry as a whole but also have branch-specific expertise. For example, some of our tax accountants are agricultural engineers as well.

Arable farming, grafting, animal husbandry, renewable energy, agricultural large and small firms – the industrial conditions and specific taxation laws in agriculture are varied. In order to offer a comprehensive consultation, relevant, up to date and localized expert knowledge of the trade is a must.

What are your options if you want to pay fewer taxes and use more money for yourself and new investments? We develop individual strategies and unburden you actively in order to allow you to do profitable work.

Our consultancy is meant to be active support to you and your needs. We are always up to date and will keep you informed regarding important and current developments and issues.
We offer a great network for economic development in agriculture and are coordinating the needed cooperation with agricultural lawyers and financial service providers.
Our network will also let you profit through procurement advantages. The combination of our expert knowledge in both agriculture and economics also guarantees a higher planning security. Our goal is to offer our clients a centre of competence for the long term in order to secure their economic success.

You can profit from our experience. Attend an informational interview and assure yourself of our expertise. We look forward to meeting you.