Management Consultancy

On 01.07.2007 the management consultancy of Dr. Gemmeke GmbH was transferred to a separate company.

With the Hanse Agro Beratung und Entwicklung GmbH we found a partner that has knowledge of the industry as a whole as well as extensive knowledge regarding production technology.

The management consultancy Hanse Agro Unternehmensberatung offers:

  • Business planning and business formation in Germany and abroad
  • Preparing of financial concepts
  • Consultancy and drafting of contracts for agricultural land use or operating agreements
  • Compiling of economic analyzes
  • Horizontal and vertical comparative studies between companies
  • Comparisons of european organizations in agriculture
  • Liquidity and profitability calculations , money estimations
  • Compiling of controlling and quarterly reports
  • Asset planning
  • Analysis of biogas plants and biomass production